Tips for Setting Achievable Goals in Your First Year as a Digital Nomad

Calling all new nomads! Here’s how to get started with setting achievable goals in your first year abroad…

For many, the life of a digital nomad seems like a dream come true. The allure of traveling the globe and the unparalleled freedom to work from any desirable location at any given time can be intoxicatingly appealing. This lifestyle grants the privilege to shape your destiny, free from the confines of a traditional office. Yet, behind the curated perfection often showcased on social media lies a nuanced reality. 

While captivating, every new city brings its own challenges, and even the most picturesque landscapes can conceal unforeseen complications. The absence of a standard office environment can sometimes blur focus and direction, causing digital nomads, especially in their initial year, to feel overwhelmed.

But amidst this setting, there’s a powerful tool to keep your aspirations on track: the art of setting milestones and achievable goals. Mastering this approach enables nomads to remain on course, ensuring steady progress towards professional and personal objectives. 

It’s a sophisticated blend of vision, structured planning, and diligent execution, transforming overarching ambitions into smaller, achievable tasks. By segmenting goals in this manner, you can stay fervently motivated, sidestepping the daunting vastness of the bigger picture.

The Importance of Setting Achievable Goals for Digital Nomads

Understanding the Landscape: Considering the array of distractions – from new cultures to logistical difficulties – while setting clear and achievable goals can help retain focus amidst the allure of wanderlust. For example, if you’re beginning your journey in a bustling city like Bangkok, prioritising a goal to find a quiet workspace can be crucial to maintaining productivity.

Visualizing Success with Vision Boards: Beyond being a fun activity, vision boards tap into the brain’s reticular activating system (RAS), helping you to spot and seize opportunities in alignment with your visualized goals. For a digital nomad, this could mean adding images of serene workspaces, countries you aim to visit, or the dream café to work from.

Crafting SMART Goals

Specific: Amidst the endless digital expanse, being specific keeps you pointed in the right direction. For example, instead of merely wanting to “increase clients,” you could aim to “acquire five new clients in the digital health sector” by networking in specific digital nomad hubs known for health tech enthusiasts.

Measurable: As Peter Drucker eloquently put it, “What gets measured, gets managed.” Tools like Asana or Notion facilitate your workflow and progress tracking. Setting milestones, especially when transitioning between cities or countries, can help ensure continuous work progress.

Achievable: Ambition, when paired with pragmatism, yields the best outcomes. Dream big, but keep a grounded path to reach those dreams. If you want to visit ten countries while maintaining client relationships, perhaps you could start with neighboring countries that are known for fast and reliable internet connectivity.

Relevant: It’s about finding synergy. If you aim to start a travel blog, learning the basics of content marketing might be more beneficial than mastering JavaScript. Allocate time in destinations known for their blogging communities, such as Chiang Mai or Bali, to learn from peers.

Time-Bound: Deadlines foster commitment. For a digital nomad, this could mean finishing a project before reaching your next destination. Setting these timed goals ensures you enjoy your travels without compromising work.

Tips for Setting Achievable Goals in Your First Year as a Digital Nomad - notebook and goal setting
Nothing beats a journal and a great view

Things To Consider

From finding your tribe to embracing flexibility, let’s dive into what it takes to set meaningful goals. Are you ready to chart a course to success with intention and adaptability? Here are the top things to consider when setting goals in your first year as a digital nomad.

Accountability and Community

Platforms like Outsite or co-working retreats become invaluable. Not only do they offer both professional growth and camaraderie, but they also provide an environment where fellow nomads can hold each other accountable. These communities can be goldmines for collaborations or getting feedback on your latest project.

Anticipating Obstacles

Frequent travelers know the worth of contingency plans. Whether it’s having cloud storage backups, knowing local spots with reliable Wi-Fi, or being ready for sudden lockdowns or visa rules, anticipating obstacles ensures smooth operations. For instance, always having an offline backup of important documents can be a lifesaver in areas with spotty internet.

Self Reflection

Periodic reflection helps realign ambitions. A mid-year review, perhaps beside a beach on the south coast of Bali, can rejuvenate your goal-setting spirit. These reflections allow you to celebrate the small victories, such as learning your way around your new neighbourhood, while refocusing on larger professional goals.

Embracing Micro-Goals

Tackling a language, for instance, starts with daily vocabulary. Small accomplishments propel you towards more significant triumphs. Setting a micro-goal to learn five local words a day while living in a new country can enhance your experience and make daily life a bit easier.

Celebrations and Rewards

Completing a digital course, landing a new contract, or sticking to a monthly schedule all deserve accolades. Celebrate by indulging in local delicacies or taking a day off to explore. Rewarding yourself enriches the nomadic experience, reminding you of why you chose this lifestyle in the first place.

Financial Stability and Goals

Setting financial goals like diversifying income streams or a monthly savings target is crucial. Consider attending financial planning workshops for digital nomads or using budgeting apps to track expenses in different currencies.

Continuous Learning and Upgrading Skills

Digital domains evolve incessantly. Allocating just an hour a week for courses on platforms like Coursera or Udemy can elevate your expertise. Staying in places with strong digital nomad communities can also be beneficial, as these are often hubs for workshops and skill-sharing sessions.

Prioritizing Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Allocate time for mental well-being through apps like Calm or Headspace. Nutrition apps can aid in maintaining a balanced diet while hopping from one cuisine to another. Consider attending local fitness classes or meditation retreats, which can be both a way to maintain health and immerse yourself in a new culture.

Flexibility in Goal Setting

Goals, occasionally, need course corrections. Whether influenced by external events like global pandemics or personal insights, it’s about gracefully adapting without losing sight of the endgame. This might mean shifting from a planned destination due to unforeseen circumstances or adjusting your work hours to fit a new time zone better.

Final Thoughts: Setting Achievable Goals

Navigating the digital nomad lifestyle is an exhilarating blend of freedom, adventure, and the deliberate pursuit of goals that transform this dream into a tangible reality. This path, carved by setting clear, achievable milestones and embracing the nomadic lifestyle, ensures a journey that’s as fulfilling as the destinations themselves. Whether it’s finding your tribe, adapting to new challenges, or celebrating the small victories along the way, each step is a testament to the power of a well-charted course. 

So, as we wrap up this guide, remember: the essence of the nomadic lifestyle isn’t found in the places you visit, but in the growth you experience and the goals you achieve. Ready to turn your aspirations into achievements and truly thrive as a digital nomad? Let’s go!

Jonny Birch
Jonny Birch
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