SafetyWing Remote Health: Comprehensive Health Insurance for Remote Teams

Need global health insurance coverage for your remote company? SafetyWing has the program for you…

As remote work increasingly becomes the norm, companies are evolving to operate completely remotely, and as such, one of the most pressing needs in this remote work revolution is finding global health insurance. That’s where SafetyWing’s Remote Health steps in, a game-changer offering comprehensive, company-wide global health insurance solution that isn’t limited by geography. SafetyWing has effectively filled a crucial gap, providing remote companies with the ability to offer extensive health insurance coverage to their teams, regardless of where they are in the world.

What is SafetyWing Remote Health?

Emerging from SafetyWing, a company that has already established itself as a leader in providing insurance solutions for digital nomads, Remote Health extends their expertise into the corporate world, addressing the unique challenges faced by remote companies.

SafetyWing Remote Health is a comprehensive health insurance plan designed for remote teams and businesses. Recognizing the geographical flexibility that remote work entails, this plan breaks away from traditional insurance models by offering global coverage. Whether team members are working from a bustling city or a quiet beachside, Remote Health ensures they have access to quality medical care.

How Is Remote Health Different From Nomad Health or Nomad Insurance?

SafetyWing offers three distinct products tailored to different needs: Nomad Insurance, Nomad Health, and Remote Health. Understanding the differences between these there can help in choosing the right insurance solution.

Nomad Insurance: Aimed at digital nomads and travelers, Nomad Insurance provides travel insurance for emergencies, trip interruption, and more. This is not a comprehensive medical insurance plan. Read our full review.

Nomad Health: Targeted towards individuals, Nomad Health offers comprehensive global medical insurance for longterm travels, nomads, expats, and more. Nomad Health is tailored to meet the personal medical insurance needs of individuals who often find themselves in various global locations, offering a sense of security and comprehensive health benefits to the solo traveler or remote worker. Read our full review.

Remote Health: Specifically designed for remote teams and companies, Remote Health offers comprehensive health insurance for remote companies providing extensive medical coverage, emphasizing the health and wellness of employees regardless of their location worldwide.

SafetyWing Remote Health: Coverage Details

Medical Coverage

SafetyWing Remote Health covers a wide range of medical services, including hospital stays, outpatient treatments, specialist consultations, and emergency medical services. The plan often features high coverage limits, ensuring substantial financial support for various medical needs.

Dental and Vision Options

Optional dental and vision coverage can be added to the plan, providing an additional layer of care. This coverage includes routine check-ups, treatments, and necessary corrective devices.

Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions

Remote Health offers coverage options for pre-existing conditions, a feature not commonly found in traditional insurance plans. This inclusion allows for a more comprehensive and inclusive insurance solution, particularly beneficial for remote teams.

Global Coverage

The plan provides global coverage, catering to the needs of geographically dispersed remote teams. This is especially advantageous for companies with international operations or employees who frequently travel.

Pricing Structure

The pricing for Remote Health is determined by factors like the number of team members, their ages, and selected coverage options. Businesses can request a tailored quote from SafetyWing, which will be based on their specific needs.

SafetyWing Remote Health - full features
SafetyWing Remote Health features

Image credit: SafetyWing

SafetyWing Remote Health: Pricing and Plans

SafetyWing Remote Health offers a flexible and transparent pricing structure that caters to the diverse needs of remote teams and companies. Understanding the pricing model is crucial for businesses considering this comprehensive health insurance plan.

SafetyWing Remote Health - premium add ons
SafetyWing Remote Health Premium Add-ons

Image credit: SafetyWing

How to Sign Up for SafetyWing Remote Health?

Signing up for SafetyWing Remote Health is designed to be a straightforward and hassle-free process, tailored to the needs of remote companies. Here’s an overview of how businesses can enroll their teams in this comprehensive health insurance plan:

  1. Visit the SafetyWing Website: The first step is to visit SafetyWing’s official website. Here, companies can find detailed information about the Remote Health plan and its benefits.
  2. Request a Quote: Companies should start by requesting a quote. This can be done directly on the SafetyWing website by providing some basic information about the company and its team members.
  3. Review Plan Options: Once the quote is received, businesses can review the various plan options and coverage details. SafetyWing offers assistance through customer support to help companies understand the different aspects of the insurance plan.
  4. Provide Company and Employee Information: To proceed with the sign-up, companies will need to provide detailed information about their business and the employees who will be covered. This includes names, ages, and other relevant details.
  5. Select and Customize Coverage: Companies can then select the desired coverage options, tailoring the plan to fit their specific needs. This may include choosing between different medical, dental, and vision coverage options.
  6. Complete the Enrollment: After selecting the appropriate coverage, the final step is to complete the enrollment process. This involves filling out necessary forms and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the insurance plan.
  7. Confirmation and Access to Benefits: Once the sign-up process is complete, companies will receive a confirmation, and their team members will gain access to the insurance benefits. SafetyWing also provides resources and support to help companies manage their insurance plan and assist employees with any claims or questions.
SafetyWing Remote Health - pricing and cost
SafetyWing Remote Health Pricing Information

Image credit: SafetyWing

SafetyWing Remote Health: Claims Process

Understanding the claims process is a crucial aspect of any health insurance plan, especially for remote companies with employees in various locations. SafetyWing’s Remote Health has streamlined its claims process to ensure efficiency and ease of use, accommodating the unique needs of a distributed workforce. Here’s an overview of how the claims process works:

  1. Initiating a Claim: When a covered medical event occurs, the first step is to initiate a claim. This can be done directly through SafetyWing’s website, where employees can access their insurance account and find the necessary forms for claim submission.
  2. Documentation Requirements: For a claim to be processed, it typically requires documentation such as medical bills, treatment details, and any relevant receipts. It’s important to gather and submit all necessary documentation to support the claim.
  3. Online Submission: The collected documents along with the completed claim form can be submitted online, ensuring a swift and paperless process. This online system is particularly beneficial for remote teams, allowing them to manage claims from anywhere in the world.
  4. Claims Processing Time: SafetyWing aims to process claims efficiently. However, the processing time can vary depending on the complexity of the claim and the completeness of the submitted documentation. Generally, the company strives to keep this process as quick as possible, noting a 7 day claim repayment on their website.
  5. Communication and Support: Throughout the claims process, SafetyWing provides ongoing communication and support. Claimants can track the progress of their claims and receive updates through their online account. In case of queries or assistance, SafetyWing’s customer support team is available to help.
  6. Reimbursement: Once a claim is approved, the reimbursement is processed according to the terms of the Remote Health plan. The funds are typically transferred to the account provided by the claimant, ensuring a hassle-free financial settlement.
SafetyWing Remote Health - perks and features
SafetyWingRemote Health online portal

Image credit: SafetyWing

SafetyWing Remote Health: Pros and Cons

SafetyWing’s Remote Health plan offers a range of features that are beneficial for remote teams, but like any service, it also has its limitations. Understanding these pros and cons can help remote companies make an informed decision about whether this health insurance plan is the right fit for their team.



SafetyWing Remote Health: Is It Right For You?

Determining if SafetyWing Remote Health is the ideal fit for your company hinges on a few key considerations. It’s exceptionally well-suited for businesses with a globally dispersed team, offering comprehensive and customizable coverage that meets the diverse needs of a remote workforce. If your company prioritizes flexibility, inclusivity of pre-existing conditions, and a streamlined digital experience in managing health insurance, Remote Health presents itself as a strong contender. However, the decision ultimately depends on your specific budget, coverage requirements, and the health care needs of your team. Visit the SafetyWing Remote Health website for more information including FAQsCase Studies, and more information to request a quote for your team.

Max quit her corporate job in 2013 to take a chance building businesses online while traveling the world. Armed with an adventurous spirit and a can-do attitude, Max has traveled to more than 50 countries, embracing slow travel as a digital nomad and long-term living in places such as Thailand, India, Nepal, and Indonesia. Max currently resides in Bali where she oversees content creation for DNG as our resident travel aficionado.
Max Pankow
Max Pankow
Max quit her corporate job in 2013 to take a chance building businesses online while traveling the world. Armed with an adventurous spirit and a can-do attitude, Max has traveled to more than 50 countries, embracing slow travel as a digital nomad and long-term living in places such as Thailand, India, Nepal, and Indonesia. Max currently resides in Bali where she oversees content creation for DNG as our resident travel aficionado.

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