Malta Digital Nomad Visa: Requirements & How to Apply

Looking for your next remote work destination? The Malta Digital Nomad Visa may be the golden ticket you need. 

With a straightforward and easy application process and a small fee, you could be checking your emails on the beautiful beaches on Malta in just a few short weeks. Lasting one year and offering the ability to extend to three, Malta’s Digital Nomad Visa unlocks short-term and long-term remote work options. Read on to find out how you can apply.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa: Overview

Visa Name: Nomad Residence Permit (NRP)

Visa Duration: Issued for one year, with the possibility to renew if eligibility criteria are still met​​.

Visa Benefits:

  • Tax-Friendly Environment: Permit holders are not subject to Maltese income tax if they’re paying taxes elsewhere, although consumption taxes still apply.
  • Travel Freedom: Visa-free travel within the EU Schengen area for 90 days within any 180-day period.
  • Thriving Nomad Community: Malta boasts nationwide 5G mobile internet, excellent weather all year round, and a rich history and culture, making it a desirable location for digital nomads​​.

Eligibility & Criteria to Apply

Eligibility for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa, officially known as the Nomad Residence Permit, is quite specific. 

To qualify, applicants must:

Additionally, applicants are required to:

How to Apply for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa?

Applying for Malta’s digital nomad visa, known as the Nomad Residence Permit, involves a straightforward process:

  1. Compile the required documentation: Ensure you have all the necessary documents, as outlined in the eligibility criteria.
  2. Email your application: Send your completed application to
  3. Application cost: The application fee is €300.
  4. Processing time: The processing of the application takes about 30 working days.
  5. Get your residence permit when you enter Malta: Once you arrive in Malta, you must apply from a residence permit at the office of Identity Malta Agency. The cost is €27.50. More information about the Malta digital nomad visa and residency permit can be found on the official website.
Malta Digital Nomad Visa - Valletta Coast

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What Documents Are Required for the Application?

To apply for the Malta Nomad Residence Permit, you will need to prepare the following documents:

Please note, this list may not be exhaustive. For a detailed and specific checklist of required documents, it is advisable to refer to the official Nomad Residence Permit checklist. Ensure to verify the latest requirements as they can change.

Need Help? Our Recommended Visa Agents

Navigating the application process for a digital nomad visa can sometimes be confusing and challenging. If you need assistance, consulting with a professional visa agent can streamline the process and ensure everything is in order. Here are our top recommendations for visa agent services:

iVisa: We like iVisa’s user-friendly platform and efficient processing. They provide a seamless experience, especially for those new to applying for visas.

RushMyTravelVisa: With a focus on speed and reliability, RushMyTravelVisa is ideal for applicants under tight deadlines. They specialize in expedited processing without compromising accuracy.

Additional Information

Financial Requirements: Applicants must demonstrate a minimum income of EUR 2,700 per month.

Health Insurance and Medical Requirements: Applicants must have valid health insurance that covers risks and healthcare in Malta.

Other Requirements: A valid travel document, a background check, and a rental agreement or purchase contract for a residence in Malta are also necessary. Proof of income may come from an employment contract, service contract, being a shareholder in a foreign company, or a bank statement showing income for the last three months​​​​.

Family Inclusion: Dependents of the main applicant, including a spouse and minor children, or adult children who are dependent due to medical or economic reasons, may reside in Malta under the same permit, subject to approval and certain conditions​​.

Tax Implications: While Nomad Residence Permit holders are not subject to Maltese income tax on foreign income, individual tax situations can vary, and tax implications for both the applicant and any foreign entity involved should be assessed on a case-by-case basis​​.

Eligibility for Permanent Residency and Citizenship: The permit is initially issued for one year and can be renewed annually, up to a maximum of three years​​. The pathway to permanent residency or citizenship would require separate applications and adherence to additional requirements, not covered under the Nomad Residence Permit.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa - Popeyes Coastal Town

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Malta Digital Nomad Visa Alternatives

Depending on your employment status and current needs, the Malta Digital Nomad Visa may not be your only option. Here are a few popular alternatives to consider:

Short Stay Schengen Visa: Perfect for those planning a brief visit to Malta, this visa caters to tourists or business travelers wishing to stay up to 90 days. It allows individuals to experience Malta’s rich culture, vibrant history, and stunning Mediterranean landscapes without committing to a long-term stay, making it an excellent option for short-term explorations and business meetings.

Long Stay National Visa (D Visa): Tailored for individuals looking to stay in Malta for longer than three months, this visa is suitable for a range of purposes, including employment, study, or family reunification. It offers a more extended stay in Malta, allowing for deeper immersion into Maltese life and culture, as well as the opportunity to engage in local activities and community events.

Self-Employment Visa: Designed for entrepreneurs and business owners interested in establishing or running their businesses in Malta. This visa provides a pathway for contributing to Malta’s economy while living in an inspiring and supportive environment. It is ideal for those looking to tap into Malta’s dynamic market and business-friendly ecosystem, offering a unique blend of lifestyle and entrepreneurial opportunity.

Residence Programme for Retirees: Specifically created for retirees seeking a peaceful and fulfilling retirement under the Maltese sun, this program offers attractive tax incentives and access to high-quality healthcare and lifestyle. It’s perfect for those wishing to enjoy their retirement years in a beautiful, safe, and culturally rich setting, making the most of Malta’s leisurely pace of life and Mediterranean charm.

Are You Ready To Apply For The Malta Digital Nomad Visa?

Embracing Malta’s Digital Nomad Visa offers an unparalleled opportunity to merge professional endeavors with an idyllic Mediterranean lifestyle. This visa not only simplifies the transition to a digital nomad life in Malta but also invites you to immerse yourself in the island’s rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes. Malta is the perfect backdrop for those looking to enrich their remote working experience in a truly inspiring setting.

The Malta Digital Nomad Visa presents an incredible opportunity for remote workers seeking a year (or more) in paradise. With its straightforward application process and the chance to extend your stay, why not explore a few of our favorite digital nomad destinations and make Malta your next remote work destination!

With our comprehensive travel planning guide and recommended gear, what’s left to think about? It’s time to go!

Max Pankow
Max Pankow
Max quit her corporate job in 2013 to take a chance building businesses online while traveling the world. Armed with an adventurous spirit and a can-do attitude, Max has traveled to more than 50 countries, embracing slow travel as a digital nomad and long-term living in places such as Thailand, India, Nepal, and Indonesia. Max currently resides in Bali where she oversees content creation for DNG as our resident travel aficionado.

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