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Welcome to our job resources for digital nomads!

We’ve been in the remote work game for quite some time, so we know a thing or two about finding and securing a location independent job.

Below, we’ve laid out a curated list of what we think are the best sites to land your next remote job, secure regular work as a freelancer, and level up your digital skills to become more attractive to remote-friendly employers. 

Whether you’re just starting out with your research on how to become a digital nomad, or you’re already on the road and getting itchy feet in your current remote work role – there should be something in this job resources page to help you take the next step.

🚨 Attention new nomads: already set to begin your digital nomad journey? Begin by reading our guide on the best jobs for beginner digital nomads.

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Job Boards

Neither of us have personally landed jobs on the following platforms – we’ve been self employed or running our own businesses (from anywhere in the world 🌍😜) for as long as we can remember.

BUT, we know plenty of people who have.

If you’re on the hunt for a new remote job, here’s where we think you should look first.

Best for: newbie digital nomads

A great starting point for fledging nomads. has a broad variety of job listings across multiple industries. Has a slightly smaller pool of jobs to pick from, but the positive is that they're all specialized towards remote work.


Best for: flexible job seekers

All jobs are vetted to be scam-free and has a variety of flexible job types. FlexJobs does charge a membership fee, but once you're in, you've got access to heaps of high-quality job listings. FlexJobs has everything from freelance to full-time, and also offers extra services like resume reviews and career coaching.

We Work Remotely

Best for: remote work veterans

A well-established platform with a focus on tech jobs, also suitable for nomads looking for opportunities in design and development. One of the more user friendly interfaces and pulls in job listings from various places - and it's free!

Remote Ok

Best for: tech industry nomads

Ideal for tech professionals looking for new opportunities, but also offers options for non-tech workers too. Remote OK tend to regularly update their listings (I think daily?) so that's a big win. If you're looking for a job in the software or development sector, make sure to check in here from time to time.


Best for: career explorers

Everybody knows Indeed, as one of the OG job search platforms, so there's not much more to add here - but it's still one of the best! Offers a vast array of job categories and filters to help beginners find suitable positions in various industries, making it an excellent starting point for those new to remote work.


Best for: startup enthusiasts

For those drawn to the startup scene, Wellfound could be a good choice for you. Plenty of options to get involved with companies early on, with a transparent hiring process. Each application is company-specific which can be time-consuming, so make sure you're confident you want the job before applying!

Side Gigs and Freelancing Platforms

We’ve also curated a selection of the best sites for you to offer your services, snag side gigs and build up your portfolio.

Personally, we use these sites to find freelancers, rather than find work ourselves – particularly Jonny, as he currently helps several agencies with sustainable growth, and that includes finding, hiring and onboarding top talent.

However, loads of our nomad friends swear by the gig economy. Build up a rep in your niche and the work starts to flow!

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of freelancing or searching for a side hustle to complement your lifestyle, we’ve scoped out some platforms that come highly recommended by us or people we trust.


Best for: long-term work

Users can build up their profile and work history on Upwork, so its great for freelancers looking for long-term work and building relationships. This is one of the first places we check when we need to find somebody who can do something better (or faster) than us! Jonny has procured tons of web dev, content and graphic design work from Upwork. Who knows? You might be his next hire!


Best for: competitive creatives

Options include fixed-price, hourly and contest-based projects. The contest model is pretty cool actually - a creative way to show off and win work! A quick scan and you'll see project from web dev and software development, through to writing and data entry.


Best for: quick freelance gigs

Fiverr has established a strong reputation as the perfect platform for freelancers specializing in quick, deliverable-based services such as graphic design, digital marketing, and video editing. All with set pricing, so you know what you're paying for from the get go.


Best for: euro nomads

A decent option for specific or time-sensitive tasks in areas like SEO, social media and web development. If you're a nomad in Europe looking for different project types and durations, or work across different time zones, make sure to check out PPH.

Learning and Skill Development

We, and thousands of other nomads around the world, are living proof that the right skills can open doors to a successful career in remote work.

It might sound daunting at first, but we know countless people who have successfully pivoted their careers by taking action and learning a new skill. Soon after, the job offers started landing.

If you don’t feel that you currently have the skills to join the world of digital nomadism and remote work, then you need to take below.


Best for: aspiring academics and professionals

Coursera offers a huge selection of courses and degrees from their partnership with top universities. Many certifications are highly recognized by employers across various industries. Also has great multilingual options for non-English speakers.


Best for: upskillers on a budget

We're going to say this is the most affordable platform... basically Udemy is notorious for offering discounts on all their courses. In fact, there's not been a single time when we've seen or bought one full price! Offers courses in fields like programming, marketing, and photography. Purchased courses also have lifetime access!


Best for: creative minds

Weighted towards the creative industries, offering courses in areas like design, photography, and writing. Best for those exploring their creative side or wanting to grow a hobby into a side hustle. Skillshare offers project-based classes where learners can practice and showcase their work. And, once you're a subscriber, you have full access to all courses.

LinkedIn Learning

Best for: career-focused professionals

As you'd imagine, LinkedIn Learning places a strong emphasis on professional development. Courses are mainly designed to enhance business, tech and creative skills - these will be recommended to you based on your own profile. A subscription provided access to the entire library of courses, which are taught by industry experts.

Khan Academy

Best for: academic learners of all ages

Khan Academy is completely free to use, and useful for foundational learning across a variety of subjects, including math, science, and humanities. Great for visual learners who will enjoy the interactive exercises and instructional videos throughout. 'Gamified' slightly with progression tracking and practice exercises.


Best for: aspiring coders and developers

Codecademy is an amazing resource for anyone looking to dive into the world of coding. Specializes in programming and web development, including languages like Python, JavaScript, and HTML. Another platform with emphasis on interactive learning, users learn to code directly within a browser. Tailored courses also helps guide users toward their preferred career path.

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