Greece Digital Nomad Visa: Requirements & How to Apply

Care to island hop this year? The Greece Digital Nomad Visa has you covered…

The Greece Digital Nomad Visa opened doors to digital nomads with a visa program in 2021, enabling remote workers to soak in the Grecian lifestyle for one to two years. Tailored for those who thrive on flexibility, Greece now offers a special visa that allows you to merge the leisure of island hopping with the commitment of your digital career.

The Greece Digital Nomad Visa, valid for a year and extendable to two, provides a path to prolonged stays and even Greek citizenship. Application methods vary; those needing an entry visa should apply from their home country, while visa-exempt individuals can apply directly for a two-year residence permit upon arrival. A standout perk is the tax benefit—digital nomads don’t pay local income taxes if they don’t establish economic ties within Greece. Plus, residing in Greece paves the way for visa-free travel within the Schengen Zone, enhancing the appeal of choosing Greece as a base for remote work​​​​​​​​​​​.

Greece Digital Nomad Visa: Overview

Visa Name: Greece Digital Nomad Visa

Visa Duration: Valid for one year, with the option to extend to a two-year residence permit​​.

Visa Benefits:

  • Enables digital nomads to live and work in Greece while being employed by a company outside of Greece.
  • Exemption from local income taxes, even if staying in Greece for over 183 days, provided there are no economic ties to the country​​.
  • Visa holders can enjoy visa-free access to the 27 countries in the Schengen Area​​.
  • The opportunity to bring a spouse and dependents along to Greece​​.

Eligibility & Criteria to Apply

Eligibility for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa extends to those who:

How to Apply for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa?

To apply for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the need for an entry visa: If required, apply for the digital nomad visa from your home country. If not, you can apply for a residence permit upon arrival in Greece. See the Greek embassies and consulates abroad here.
  2. Gather Required Documents: Ensure you have all the necessary documents, including proof of employment and financial stability. A complete list is below.
  3. Submit Application: Visit the official Greek government immigration website to start your application process.
  4. Application Fee: The application cost is €75 ($82 USD) and administrative costs are €150 ($164 USD).
  5. Processing Time: Approximately 10 days.
  6. Register for a residency permit: Once your digital nomad visa has been granted, you can register for a residency permit when you arrive in Greece. While not mandatory, if you want to extend your visa beyond one year, you will need to register for residency.
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What Documents Are Required for the Application?

Need Help? Our Recommended Visa Agents

Looking for assistance with your Greek visa application? Consider reaching out to a professional visa agent for expert help:

iVisa: Renowned for its user-friendly platform, iVisa simplifies the visa application process, making it hassle-free. Their expert team ensures that all your documentation is in order, significantly boosting your chances of a successful visa application.

RushMyTravelVisa: For those needing a quick turnaround, RushMyTravelVisa is an excellent service. They specialize in expediting visa applications, ensuring you get your visa in time for your travels. Their personalized service and attention to detail make them a top choice for urgent visa processing needs.

Additional Information

Financial Requirements: You must provide evidence of a steady income that can support your lifestyle in Greece without the need for local employment at a minimum of 3,500 EUR ($3,837 USD) per month.

Health Insurance and Medical Requirements: Comprehensive health insurance valid in Greece is mandatory, covering any medical treatments or emergencies.

Other Requirements: You should be prepared to follow any additional legal stipulations set by Greek immigration law, which may include proof of accommodation and a clean criminal record.

Family Inclusion: Spouses and dependents are often eligible to join the main applicant, under specific conditions.

Tax Implications: Digital nomads on this visa may not be liable for local income tax if they have no economic ties to Greece.

Eligibility for Permanent Residency and Citizenship: Extended stays and compliance with Greek immigration policies may pave the way for permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship. Eligibility for permanent residency or citizenship involves additional criteria and a separate application process.

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Greece Digital Nomad Visa Alternatives

If the Greece Digital Nomad Visa doesn’t meet your needs, consider some of these alternatives:

Schengen Visa: Ideal for short stays up to 90 days, allowing travel and remote work across Schengen Area countries, including Greece, without the need for a long-term visa.

Residence Permit for Financially Independent Persons: This option is suitable for individuals who can prove a stable income without working in Greece, offering a longer stay for those who want to live in Greece without entering the local labor market.

Student Visa: Tailored for those enrolled in full-time study programs at Greek educational institutions, allowing for study and limited work opportunities.

Work Visa: For those seeking employment in Greece, requiring sponsorship from a Greek employer and offering a pathway to longer-term residency and integration into the Greek workforce.

Are You Ready To Apply For The Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa?

Embracing Greece’s Digital Nomad Visa opens the door to a world of possibilities. With thousands of islands to choose from, there’s no shortage of digital nomad destinations in this historic land. 


Where to first? Check out our curated list of the best spots in Greece for digital nomads as well as our favorite island hopping destinations.

It’s your moment to embark on a Grecian adventure! Pack your bags, secure your travel plans, and ensure your visa details are in check. Visa policies and local laws can shift, so always double-check the Greek government’s latest information. And if you hit a snag, remember that a visa agent can offer clarity and simplify your journey.

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