Hey there, fellow nomad!

So, you want to write for us and share your wisdom? Fantastic!

We’re always on the hunt for fellow nomads who can provide our audience with insightful and motivating content. But we don’t just accept any old content. Keep reading to learn how you can increase your chances of becoming a contributor.

What We’re Looking For

Relevant topics: Our content is dedicated to helping digital nomads and remote workers in every possible way – from work-related topics about technology and gear, nomad-friendly locations, and career advice, to lifestyle choices, wellness, and more. Got an idea that fits the bill? We’re all ears.

Plug the gap: We can’t cover everything all at once, and that’s where you come in. We aim to offer a wide and comprehensive range of content to our readers. Browse through our existing content, and if you spot an opportunity to cover something new, let us know.

Current trends: What’s topical right now? We strive to offer our readers content they can resonate with by covering trending products, current news, and seasonal events.

Diverse content: We don’t just offer tips and advice. We’re interested in product features, interviews, step-by-step guides, image-led pieces, galleries, case studies, and more.

Stunning imagery: We’re massive fans of beautiful and inspiring locations, and so are our readers. Got something that’s worth showcasing? Let us know.

Content with a twist: We’re friendly, conversational, and approachable – and we want our content to reflect that. However, don’t let that stop you from suggesting ideas that come from an unusual, less-popular angle.

Our Editorial Policy

Originality is key: This is non-negotiable. Any content we post must be 100% unique and the original work of the author. We reserve the right to modify or remove any content we suspect to be plagiarised. If you’re using AI to help you, the piece should still be developed further, polished, and proofread by a human. We can spot a fake from a mile away!

Good-quality English: This should be obvious, but any submissions must have minimal spelling or grammatical errors. We aim to inspire trust from our readers, and sloppy writing is a quick way to lose it.

Sensible word count: We don’t have a specific word count in mind, but most of our articles are at least 500 words long, and usually 1,000 words +. We prefer quality over quantity and encourage you to express what you need to say in a concise, friendly, and conversational manner. Please don’t try to pad out or cut down word counts unnecessarily. Allow the topic and format to dictate the length.

Category match: You’ll notice we have main categories specific to digital nomads, and any submissions should align with these for now. Our readers aren’t typically looking to overhaul their entire lifestyle and working conditions all at once, so focusing on clear categories allows us to deliver targeted content. This way, our audience knows exactly where to go for their inspiration and advice.

Credibility matters: It helps if the contributor is knowledgeable about the topic. Articles should be well-researched and present a convincing argument. Provide practical and actionable advice where possible, and avoid very basic information for the ‘benefit’ of search engines. Your expertise should inspire or teach our readers to do something or help in their decision-making journey.

Structure and clarity: Format your article so it’s easy to read. Typically, introduce the topic, deliver your main points in a logical order, and then round it up in a summary. Please use clear headers, bullet points, and lists where appropriate.

Avoid over-promotion: Your content must not be overly advertorial or pushy with products and services. If you inspire, inform, educate, and entertain our readers, they’ll likely check you out anyway.

Authorized imagery: Content is always better with images, so provide these where it makes sense to do so. Feel free to use one of the many free imagery sites available. Otherwise, please include the original source for credit. Visuals should be well-created, high-quality, and support the article. We won’t post stock images (unless they’re meme-worthy).

Cite your sources: Using facts and statistics is great, but ensure they’re fully researched – if something seems fishy, we’ll definitely check its accuracy! Make sure you cite and source them properly and only include them if they reinforce the points you are making. Links to further reading and resources are welcomed.

Write for humans: We’ll say it again. Write for people, not search engines. We’ll quickly end the conversation with anyone we suspect of trying to peddle us generic link-building articles.

Purposeful content: What is the aim of your content? Write for a specific audience, and ensure you’re addressing a particular topic or helping to solve a problem or issue.

Show your face: Contributed pieces must be bylined to a person, preferably with a headshot, title, and biography.

Linking policy: We link out to websites, but these are brand-based and point towards the homepage unless there is a clear and obvious reason to link to other pages. Please don’t stuff your content full of promotional or affiliate links. We’ll review, remove or tweak additional links on a case-by-case basis.

Match our style: Pay attention to the style and tone of our existing content as we won’t publish anything that sticks out like a sore thumb. We don’t expect you to hit the nail on the head, but you should make a decent effort to ensure your brand voice and values align with ours.

Pitch multiple ideas: We like options! However, this isn’t an invitation to spam us with 20 one-liner article titles. Each pitch should be thoughtful, and backed with context and reasoning.

Read Our Rules And Understood? What's Next?

Shoot us an email on [email protected] or use our contact form with a clear subject line, a working title, and a brief description of your piece. It’s crucial that the idea, structure, and target audience of your article are clear. It will also help your case if we can see previous examples of your work.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!