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Max Pankow 🇺🇸

📍 Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩

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Jonny Birch 🇬🇧

📍 Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩 / Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪


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You can read more about Max and her digital nomad story here.



Meet Max, the quintessential solo female adventure traveler. In 2013 she traded the predictability of corporate America for a personal travel blog and a passport ready to be stamped. Exploring 50+ countries with tales crisscrossing through Asia, Europe, and South America, she’s mastered the art of slow travel and working from anywhere in the world.

Her journey reached new heights in 2016 when she left behind her American roots, armed only with a carry-on backpack, a zest for the unexplored, and a keen eye for living frugally amidst the world’s wonders. Max’s entrepreneurial spirit thrived as she built several online businesses, diversifying into niches that fueled her nomadic lifestyle. From travel blogging and magazine writing, to personal training and teaching, Max consistently found new ways to add variety in her interests as well as her adventures.

Since 2017, Max has intermittently called Bali her home, embracing the island’s slower pace of living, beautiful native culture, and strong expat community.



Meet Jonny, the digital nomad who transformed his traditional 9-to-5 UK-based digital marketing agency into a remote work haven during the pandemic. Embracing the change, Jonny pioneered hybrid and flexible work policies for a team of 25+ employees that have since become a cornerstone of his life and businesses. With a passion for travel that has taken him across Asia since 2013, he has navigated the bustling streets of Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Jonny’s commitment to remote work extends beyond personal preference—it’s now a professional creed. In 2021, he shifted his base to Bali, seeking a life where the balance between work and well-being is not just a dream but a reality. 

A staunch advocate of no-nonsense marketing, Jonny recently co-founded a Dubai-based marketing agency with a fellow digital nomad and fully remote team. These days, Jonny’s office is the picturesque cafes of Uluwatu, Bali where he fuels his productivity with large iced americanos.

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You can read more about Jonny and his digital nomad story here.