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Hi there! We’re Max and Jonnytwo nomads who met abroad and decided to ditch our cushy expat-friendly lives on the beaches of Bali for a carry-on backpack and the road unknown. 

One could say we’ve dabbled in the digital nomad world before, having visited 50+ countries while working remotely, but no matter how many places we’ve visited or businesses we’ve built, we’ve learned that nothing ever fully prepares you for that bittersweet, anxious-excited feeling when you sell your belongings, pack a bag, and hit the road… especially in your mid-30s. 

Max has spent the last decade traveling the world and working online. What started as an Eat Pray Love, quarter-life crisis, solo backpack in her 20s, gap year kinda thing, has now turned into her full-time reality, one she can’t quite accept. Trust us. Every day you’ll hear her say, “How is this our life?” 

Jonny on the other hand, has built, managed, and scaled a variety of online digital marketing businesses over the last 15 years. However, his digital nomad journey has only just begun with his first stop in Bali. While he’s traveled all over the world, learning that magic two-step of working while traveling, balancing responsibility and adventure, and living out of a backpack on a one-way ticket, is quite new to him. 

DNG About Us - Max and Jonny Traveling

Why DNG? Why now?

Great question! What started as Max’s not-so-funny joke in early 2024 to “travel the world because it’s cheaper than staying put [in Bali]”, has actually proven to be true. We did tons of research, asked all our nomad friends, and realized…it’s time to go.

Welcome to the #DNGWorldTour

Yes, she coined it. And yes, it’s really happening. Humor her and follow along 😜 (IGTTFBYT)

So here we go, sharing Max’s pro tips and past knowledge alongside Jonny’s fresh take on a new world… This is going to be fun.

After three years settled on this gorgeous tropical island, we’re on the road and sharing all our tips, tricks, and experiences along the way. We can only hope it’s relevant, relatable, and entertaining (to say the least). 

Whether you’re a new nomad looking for inspiration to get started, or a seasoned nomad looking to grow your business while exploring your favorite destination – we’ve got you covered. 

There’s just one more thing…


While we plan to share our first-hand experience of life on the road, we also need your help.

If you’re a digital nomad, remote worker, expat, or go-to person about a city, cuisine, working style, part of the world– you name it– then we want to hear from you! 

Together, we’re using the DigitalNomadsGuide website (and socials) to build the DNG Collective, and that includes you! 

Let’s create the world’s most trusted resource for digital nomads and remote workers. 

Read more about the DNG Collective below.

The DNG Originals

Max Pankow 🇺🇸

> Traveling Since:  2016
> Currently Exploring: Vietnam 🇻🇳
> 2024 Bucketlist: #DNGWorldTour
> Knows About: Long term travel, adventure travel, solo travel, credit card hacking, budgeting & value maximizing.
> Best Nomad Tip: Nothing beats a solid pair of headphones and a great playlist. Find what gets you pumped up and in the zone.

Meet Max, the quintessential solo female adventure traveler. In 2013 she traded the predictability of corporate America for a personal travel blog and a passport ready to be stamped. Exploring 50+ countries with tales crisscrossing through Asia, Europe, and South America, she’s mastered the art of slow travel and working from anywhere in the world.

Her journey reached new heights in 2016 when she left behind her American roots, armed only with a carry-on backpack, a zest for the unexplored, and a keen eye for living frugally amidst the world’s wonders. 

Max’s entrepreneurial spirit thrived as she built several online businesses, diversifying into niches that fueled her nomadic lifestyle. From travel blogging and magazine writing, to personal training and teaching, Max consistently found new ways to add variety in her interests as well as her adventures. 

Now, she helps others do the same through strategic advising and consulting services, enabling nomads to create, build, and scale their own remote businesses.  

Since 2017, Max has intermittently called Bali her home, embracing the island’s slower pace of living, beautiful native culture, and strong expat community.

However, she’s now back on the road! #DNGWorldTour

Jonny Charles 🇬🇧

> Traveling Since:  2021
> Currently Exploring: Vietnam 🇻🇳
> 2024 Bucketlist: To experience authentic South American life as a nomad.
> Knows About: SEO & digital marketing, expat life, fitness on-the-go, remote work hacks.
> Best Nomad Tip: Have a structure for where you want to be and what you want to do, but stay flexible – the best experiences come from the most spontaneous decisions!

Meet Jonny, the digital nomad who transformed his traditional 9-to-5 UK-based digital marketing agency into a remote work haven during the pandemic. Embracing the change, Jonny pioneered hybrid and flexible work policies for a team of 25+ employees that have since become a cornerstone of his life and businesses. With a passion for travel that has taken him across Asia since 2013, he has navigated the bustling streets of Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Jonny’s commitment to remote work extends beyond personal preference—it’s now a professional creed. In 2021, he shifted his base to Bali, seeking a life where the balance between work and well-being is not just a dream but a reality. 

A staunch advocate of no-nonsense marketing, Jonny recently co-founded an international marketing agency with a fellow digital nomad and fully remote team. These days, Jonny’s leaving behind the picturesque cafes of Uluwatu, Bali for an office on the fly. The only question that remains– which city will deliver the best iced coffee?!

The DNG Collective

Does this sound like you?

We are a group of long-time digital nomads and remote workers who have traveled the world, financed our nomadic lifestyles through entrepreneurial means and hard work, and learned a thing or two along the way. 

We’re here to share our passion, insights, and experiences with the DNG readers so they too, can create a life beyond their wildest dreams.

Our mission is simple. To educate, inform, and inspire current, aspiring, and future remote workers and digital nomads across the world. We believe in the power of remote work to transform lives and create a more flexible, inclusive, and sustainable global workforce.

We offer a wide range of content. From tips on getting started and planning your first trip to guidance on building a business or effectively managing a global team, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. You’ll find practical tips and actionable advice as well as insightful articles and engaging stories, all based on our own experiences and well-researched information. 

Whether you are a seasoned digital nomad, a remote work newbie, or someone dreaming about a location-independent lifestyle, you’ll find something here for you.

We’re all about building a community of like-minded souls, so if you’re looking to share your own experiences, ask a question, or connect with others on a similar journey, we invite you to reach out

Let’s build the DNG Collective together!

– Max & Jonny

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